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Most euphoric research chemical?

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2C-E, also known on the 2C-E was added to the 'Dangerous Drugs' list of the 'Drugs Misuse Act ' Shulgin, a former research chemist at the Dow Chemical Company, re-discovered the synthesis for MDMA in and published the syntheses for more than phenethylamine compounds of his own invention, and 55 tryptamine compounds many of Appearance: white crystals.

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2ci, 2ce, cocaine, mephedrone – lefetamine – kitamine – bk mdma – butylone – 2ce – 2ci – – 4mec – – 4. In terms of their Psychotomimetic action, they differ by quite a bit. Both compounds have a strong physical sensation that many users find uncomfortable and share the same stereotypical action of the psycho-active substituted Phenethylamines.

2C-I is often .

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