Job title inflation

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The rise of the meaningless job title

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Recommendations and Quick In tough economic times, conferral of arguably few job titles may be beneficial from a registration point of view.

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The rise of the meaningless job title It would be a mistake to see job title inflation as being all about career opportunism; as much as anything the trend is about employers finding ways to. Job titles are defined as socially reinforced symbols that are based on cooperation. Further, job title inflation (JTI) is defined as a deliberate violation of cooperative principle maxims that is intended to extract gains for an organization.

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But in one area he is clearly leading the pack: job-title inflation. Mr Kim has 1, official titles, including, roughly translated, guardian deity of the planet, ever-victorious general, lodestar of the 21st century, supreme commander at the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and the United States, eternal bosom of hot love and greatest man who.

But one lawyer warns of the legal risks of job title inflation. He is John K. Skousen, partner in the Irvine, California, office of employment law firm Fisher & Phillips. He is John K. Skousen, partner in the Irvine, California, office of employment law firm Fisher & Phillips.

A review of some of the legal issues inherent in job title inflation, with a focus on apparent authority liability and employee misclassification.

On the surface, this looks like title inflation. An overabundance of C-level job descriptions — like the increasing number of “A”s routinely passed out in classrooms — is cheapening the prestige and achievement that top titles and high grades once signaled.

Job title inflation
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