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Four Ways to Combine Six Sigma With Theory of Constraints (TOC)

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Home» QI Macros» Lean Six Sigma Tools. Lean Six Sigma Tools and Templates Affordable and Easy Lean Six Sigma Tools for Excel. Does it seem too hard to create all of the documentation for your Lean Six Sigma Project?

Chapter Inventory Accuracy This first chapter defines Inventory Accuracy and, explains why it is an important issue for any business that holds significant inventories. 3 ment and manufacturing philosophy and approach in which the human di-mension is the single most important element for success.

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Primary data form a survey was gathered from a number of organisations. Theory of Constraints helps you find the constraints, Lean (and ToC) helps you improve them, Six Sigma helps you eliminate any errors. Additionally ToC introduces buffers to protect your constraint, so even if a machine in step B goes down you still have a little buffer of parts for step C to work on until it’s back up (remember the whole process.

A case study is presented where the effects of using the trio of theory of constraints, lean, and six sigma (TLS); lean alone and six sigma alone is conducted. The use of TOC to guide lean and six sigma use was significantly better than either lean or six sigma alone.

Lessons learned are also presented.

Lean six sigma toc
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