Thesis on employee empowerment and job satisfaction

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Jul 12,  · Job satisfaction of nurses and identifying factors of job satisfaction in Slovenian Hospitals. The aim of the study was to determine the level of job satisfaction of employees in nursing and to determine the influence of leadership in job satisfaction.

employees of PS Bank Batangas Branches are satisfied with their job. The greatest factors that influence their satisfaction are compensation and job security. This study entitled “The Influence of Job Collar Classification on Job Satisfaction and Psychological Empowerment on Selected Employees of Ayala Land.

in Metro Manila” is a quantitative research attempting to gather information about the experienced psychological empowerment and job satisfaction of workers in different work environments. Empowerment can improve job satisfaction and commitment if it increases the feeling of ownership in employees.

For example, if an employee has to go to her supervisor for every service decision. either employee motivation or job satisfaction is to be affected, one or more of these personal, job-related or organisational variables should be changed (Perry & Porter, ).

Job satisfaction is defined as “a state that depends on the interaction of employees, their personal characteristics and expectations with the working environment and the organisation” (Pinikahana & Happell,p.



Thesis on employee empowerment and job satisfaction
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